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We use programmatic advertising to dynamically optimize the purchasing of ads, which makes them more efficient and improves targeting.


Our transparency is two-fold: first, our reporting lets you know exactly how efficient and effective your campaigns are and where there is potential to improve. Second, our invoicing is completely transparent: you know exactly how much you are putting into media costs, licensing and agency fees


Minimize wastage: your ads are targeted to user groups that are actually interested in your message. Cross-channel frequency capping ensures that you reach your customers with exactly the right frequency of contact.


We manage your campaign efficiently across multiple channels. For example, this allows us to manage and optimize efficient, real time targeting via display networks, AdWords, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. And you benefit from the combined reach of multiple platforms.


Would you like to reach your target groups with the right message at the right time over the right channel? We will select the platforms for your ads and identify the relevant data sets to ensure the most effective targeting.


Would you like to understand exactly which measures contributed to the success of your campaign? We will set up a comprehensive tracking tool at the beginning of your campaign to create a reporting framework- and -system that consolidates and clearly displays performance data from all platforms thus enabling unique insights into your visitor’s digital behavior and attributes.


Would you like to get the most out of your media spend? We will optimize your campaign based on performance figures in real time. Depending on the strategic objective, we can optimize for reach, traffic or conversions.

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